Learn How Cloud-Runner Divides The Time Of Your CI/CD Pipelines

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Key Benefits Of Our Technology

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Accelerate Time to Market.

With Cloud-Runner's lightning-fast pipelines, you can dramatically reduce the time it takes to bring your applications to market. Experience rapid and efficient code compilation, testing, and deployment, empowering you to stay ahead of the competition
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Enhanced Stability and Reliability.

Say goodbye to jobs stuck in a "pending state" with Cloud-Runner. Our robust infrastructure ensures greater stability, eliminating bottlenecks and providing a seamless development experience, even during peak times.
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Streamline CI/CD Evolution.

Cloud-Runner's swift execution enables you to iterate and test changes quickly. Effortlessly evolve your CI/CD pipelines, gaining immediate insights into the effectiveness of your updates and accelerating the software development lifecycle.
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Versatile Multiplatform Support.

Whether you're developing on Linux or macOS, Cloud-Runner has you covered. Our platform-agnostic approach ensures compatibility with diverse development environments, offering the flexibility you need for your projects.
Our Tech Stack

How We Divide Your Pipeline Running Time by 4?

Raw performance. Fast jobs.

With us, there are no virtual machines, no cloud providers, and no loss of performance (read more). Each one of our GitLab runners runs on our bare-metal servers. We design, install, and operate bare-metal servers in our own facilities, in our own data centers.

High speed network.

Our network is interconnected with the biggest ISPs and cloud providers at 100Gbps to give you the data you need quickly.

Network caching.

We use multiple layers of network caching technologies (such as DNS, S3 and Docker registry cache servers) to reduce network latency. Our infrastructure uses the most performant caching software, such as NGINX and Squid.

Say hello to multithreading.

Nowadays, more and more software applications use multithreading. That's why each of our servers run 2 x i7 CPUs with 16 cores.

High I/O rate.

To help you run your CI faster, we replaced the good old hard disk with the latest generation SSD.

"Using cloud-runner.com, we have cut down our gitlab-runner's build time from over 20min to ~3-4 minutes."

We no longer have to switch contexts between a push and the test of our deployed feature. Hard to imagine going back to our old runner.. truly a life-changer!

I embarked on a side project alongside my primary role, aiming to deliver high-performance GitLab runners that would transform their CI/CD experience. This is how Cloud-Runner was born.
Romain Baumier
Oxmoto CTO

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