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Our runners deliver up to 10 times faster performance at half the cost.

With 1-1 compatibility with GitLab, rest assured your workflow remains seamless and efficient.
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Delegate Your Runner Management to the Pros: Trust Us

Experience effortless GitLab runner management with our fully managed solution.

Enjoy seamless upgrades, storage maintenance, and removal of unused files, all taken care of for you.

Power on and off runners instantly as needed, with the freedom to choose from Kubernetes, Shell, or Docker executors.

Stay focused on your projects while we optimize your GitLab runner performance.

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Lightning-Fast Runners with Our Custom Infrastructure

Experience unparalleled speed with our custom-built servers designed for optimized performance. By assembling our own servers, we ensure that every component is tailored to deliver maximum efficiency for your workflows.

With cutting-edge caching technologies deployed, we minimize network access latencies, ensuring swift pipeline executions.

On average, our clients experience a remarkable 30% reduction in pipeline duration, with some achieving an impressive 60% decrease.

Unlock 40% Cost Savings

By leveraging on-premise servers, we bypass the markup of cloud providers, allowing you to enjoy direct cost savings.

Our infrastructure is finely tuned solely for executing GitLab jobs, resulting in global savings. With resources optimized precisely for your needs, unnecessary expenses are minimized, contributing to overall cost-effectiveness.

On average, our clients experience a remarkable 40% reduction in their IT bills.

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Technical Specification

Our Optimized Infrastructure

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Powerful Gitlab Runner.

Equipped with AMD Ryzen CPU with up to 16 cores - latest CPU generation, and 32GB DDR5 RAM.
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Expanded Storage.

Includes 500GB M2 SSD professional and unlimited S3 storage per Gitlab Runner.
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Multilevel Caching.

Utilizes local Docker cache on the runner, DNS caching, and HTTP proxy caching for common distribution packages.
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High Availabily.

With servers in two on-site  data centers, GitLab runners are distributed for redundancy. In case of a site failure, seamless failover restores operations in under 3 minutes.


Everything you need to know about the product and billing and more.
Can I modify the configuration of a GitLab runner on-the-fly while it's running?
Yes, with Cloud-Runner, you have the flexibility to modify the configuration of your GitLab runner dynamically while it's running.

Our intuitive dashboard allows you to adjust settings such as resource allocation, executor types, and environment variables seamlessly, ensuring your runner aligns with evolving project requirements without interruption.
What happens when I upgrade a GitLab runner through Cloud-Runner to a more powerful instance?
Upgrading to a more powerful GitLab runner through Cloud-Runner is a straightforward process. Simply select the desired instance type from our range of options, and our platform handles the rest.

Your existing runner is seamlessly migrated to the upgraded instance with minimal downtime, ensuring uninterrupted workflow continuity. With Cloud-Runner, scaling your resources to meet project demands has never been easier.
How does Cloud-Runner ensure the security of data on GitLab runners? Can anyone access them?
At Cloud-Runner, data security is paramount. We implement stringent measures, including secure authentication, role-based access controls, and encrypted data transmission channels.

Your data's confidentiality and integrity are guaranteed, with only authorized users having access to your runners.

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Our Customers Talk For Us

5 etoiles trustpilot
Icone Google Review

From 120$ to 80$: why we left gitlab ci minutes

Since use Cloud Runner, i can sean three things:
- A custom gitlab runner.
- It's 89$ per month VS 120$ at gitlab.
- 70% less CI time!
I went from 15 minutes on average to 4 minutes at cloud-runner. What sent in production in no time!

Alexandre Cailler
5 etoiles trustpilot
Icone Google Review

Real life-changer

Using, we have cut down our gitlab-runner's build time from over 20min to ~3-4 minutes.

We no longer have to switch contexts between a push and the test of our deployed feature. Hard to imagine going back to our old runner.. truly a life-changer!

Romain Baumier
5 etoiles trustpilot
Icone Google Review

It just work (very well)

For 49€ per month Cloud-Runner allows me to stop having to maintain a GitLab CI runner by myself on top of a barely cheaper VPS.

Even better: my CI jobs happen to run faster!

David Sferruzza
5 etoiles trustpilot
Icone Google Review

Love the quick customer

Love the quick customer support and the server runs faster than I can configure myself, spending countless hours on optimizing.

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