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Are you looking for a powerful and cost-effective Gitlab Runner solution ?

We have several features to speed-up your gitlab pipeline:

- High-performance hardware: We leverage cloud-grade hardware to guarantee fast and efficient pipeline execution.

- Multi-layer caching: HTTP and S3 caching reduce the time required to pull content from the internet.

- Seamless integration: Our runners are 100% compatible with any GitLab instance, whether it's or a self-hosted instance.

Why Tech Companies Work With Us?

Easy To Use.

We are fully compatible with all Gitlab instances. Whether you use or have your own instance built, we can work together.

Start your runner in a few clicks. Start optimizing your CI/CD pipeline in a few.

Fixed Monthly Billing. Without Commitment.

Gitlab's Minutes based billing is a scam: the more time your jobs take, the more the runner provider will earn. The provider has no incentive to reduce the running time of your pipelines.

By choosing Cloud-Runner, you choose a fixed monthly billing. We are engaged to speed up your runners.

Our Devops Expertise At Your Services

With more than 2 years of work to optimize and reduce the time of Gitlab pipelines, we can support you to improve your pipelines and train your teams.

We Support Any Programming Language And Tools

Our platform is designed to support all types of pipelines, regardless of the programming language you use. Whether you're building applications in Python, Java, Ruby, or any other language, our high-performance runners are ready to handle your CI/CD needs.
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Our Customers Talk For Us

5 etoiles trustpilot
Icone Google Review

From 120$ to 80$: why we left gitlab ci minutes

Since use Cloud Runner, i can sean three things:
- A custom gitlab runner.
- It's 89$ per month VS 120$ at gitlab.
- 70% less CI time!
I went from 15 minutes on average to 4 minutes at cloud-runner. What sent in production in no time!

Alexandre Cailler
5 etoiles trustpilot
Icone Google Review

Real life-changer

Using, we have cut down our gitlab-runner's build time from over 20min to ~3-4 minutes.

We no longer have to switch contexts between a push and the test of our deployed feature. Hard to imagine going back to our old runner.. truly a life-changer!

Romain Baumier
5 etoiles trustpilot
Icone Google Review

It just work (very well)

For 49€ per month Cloud-Runner allows me to stop having to maintain a GitLab CI runner by myself on top of a barely cheaper VPS.

Even better: my CI jobs happen to run faster!

David Sferruzza
5 etoiles trustpilot
Icone Google Review

Love the quick customer

Love the quick customer support and the server runs faster than I can configure myself, spending countless hours on optimizing.