Dedicated macOS Gitlab Runner

Are you developing applications for iPhone and Mac, seeking a seamless CI/CD solution?

Look no further. Our specialized GitLab macOS Runner service is tailored precisely for your needs.
Say goodbye to compatibility issues and hello to effortless macOS builds. Explore our features and see how we can empower your development journey today.
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Simplified Management and Scalability

Are you tired of managing a fleet of Mac minis in your office, or relying on an IT team to keep them running smoothly? With our managed GitLab Runner solution, say goodbye to those headaches. Cloud-Runner operates clusters of macOS machines, ensuring high availability on every runner.

Scale your infrastructure effortlessly by ordering and powering off runners on demand. With us, adapting to your workload has never been easier.

Our clients have experienced a 99.9% uptime on our managed GitLab Runner service, thanks to our robust cluster management system.

Unlock Effortless Scalability

Continuous Hardware Optimization and Cost Reduction

Gone are the days of costly hardware replacements every three years. At Cloud-Runner, we regularly update and optimize GitLab runner hardware configurations transparently, ensuring uninterrupted CI operations. Say hello to hassle-free CI – our seamless hardware updates guarantee that your CI pipelines keep running smoothly without any hiccups.

Clients have reported a significant decrease in hardware-related expenses, saving up to 30% annually since partnering with Cloud-Runner for their GitLab Runner needs.

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Technical Specification

Maximizing macOS Development Efficiency.

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Power Under the Hood.

Powered by macOS Ventura (13), boasting 16GB of RAM, 512GB SSD and up to 16 CPU cores, our gitlab runners deliver exceptional processing power.
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Simplicity and Reliability.

We manage macOS machine clusters to ensure maximum availability, 24/7.
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Speed and Connectivity.

Accelerate your workflow with an ultra-fast network offering speeds of over 1 Gbps.
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CI/CD Optimization.

Stand out with Cloud-Runner through our advanced expertise in CI/CD pipeline optimization. We've mastered the art of reducing task execution times using our multi-layer caching technology.


Everything you need to know about the product and billing and more.
How can I ensure continuous availability for my macOS development pipelines without managing infrastructure myself?
We handle the setup, maintenance, and monitoring of the infrastructure, ensuring continuous availability for your development pipelines.

Our dedicated team ensures that the runners are always up and running, minimizing downtime and allowing you to focus on your development tasks without interruptions.
How can I ensure the security of sensitive project data when using a managed GitLab runner service?
Cloud-Runner ensures the security of sensitive project data in its managed GitLab runner service through robust encryption during data transmission using Wireguard VPN, strict access controls to infrastructure, regular updates and patches to address vulnerabilities, comprehensive monitoring, and logging mechanisms to detect and respond to suspicious activities promptly.
What customization options are available, and how can I tailor the configuration to my specific needs?
Cloud-Runner offers a range of customization options to tailor the managed GitLab macOS runners to your specific requirements. You have the flexibility to choose the software environment for your runners, including specific versions of macOS, programming languages, and libraries.

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Our Customers Talk For Us

5 etoiles trustpilot
Icone Google Review

From 120$ to 80$: why we left gitlab ci minutes

Since use Cloud Runner, i can sean three things:
- A custom gitlab runner.
- It's 89$ per month VS 120$ at gitlab.
- 70% less CI time!
I went from 15 minutes on average to 4 minutes at cloud-runner. What sent in production in no time!

Alexandre Cailler
5 etoiles trustpilot
Icone Google Review

Real life-changer

Using, we have cut down our gitlab-runner's build time from over 20min to ~3-4 minutes.

We no longer have to switch contexts between a push and the test of our deployed feature. Hard to imagine going back to our old runner.. truly a life-changer!

Romain Baumier
5 etoiles trustpilot
Icone Google Review

It just work (very well)

For 49€ per month Cloud-Runner allows me to stop having to maintain a GitLab CI runner by myself on top of a barely cheaper VPS.

Even better: my CI jobs happen to run faster!

David Sferruzza
5 etoiles trustpilot
Icone Google Review

Love the quick customer

Love the quick customer support and the server runs faster than I can configure myself, spending countless hours on optimizing.

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