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Support Gitlab self hosted instance
Save 60% of your CI/CD jobs time
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Shared Gitlab  Runners


(but costs you a lot in productivity)

A high-converting template
Mobile responsive
Advice and feedback
Advice and feedback
Advice and feedback
Virtual Machine
Advice and feedback
Advice and feedback
Advice and feedback
Free email support
Satisfaction guaranteed
$0/free (but cost a lot in productivity)
Extra customization



(and reduce your CI jobs by 70%)

A high-converting template
Mobile responsive
Advice and feedback
Advice and feedback
Free email support
Advice and feedback
Free email support
Free email support
Free email support
Satisfaction guaranteed
Satisfaction guaranteed

Questions & Answers

What about your availability and security?

Cloud-Runner is monitored 24/7 (see the status page). Answers to your security questions are available on our security page.

Our high availability infrastructure brings us 99.99% uptime since Cloud-Runner first steps back in 2021. Unbeaten. Our operation team breathe only to keep that way.                            

Can I cancel anytime?

Yes, your subscription can be canceled anytime. Each month started will be bill.

Please email us from your subscription email account at, we will assist you with the cancelation. Our average answering time is 24 hours.                            

Is your company viable?

Yes, Cloud-Runner launched in late 2020. We're profitable, privately owned, and in this for the long-haul. Since our first day we've helped thousands of developers speeding their CI pipelines.

Rest assured it is not going anywhere. You can expect our products to be always on your side and help you along the way as you build and grow your business.

How much jobs can the service handle?

Cloud-Runner hosting scales automatically to handle hundreds of concurrent CI jobs. Scaling our infrastructure is 100% transparent for you. We don't limit or bill based on the number of jobs you run.

You can rent multiple gitlab runner to have dedicated runner per project/usage. All plans serve requests through premium network.                            

What's the size of your team?

Cloud-Runner is a team of more than 3 engineers dedicated to hosting, managing and tuning Gitlab Runners software.
Every member of our team do devops consulting and training from simple CI to advanced setup.                            

Are you GDPR compliant?

Yes, Cloud-Runner is fully GDPR compliant and can easily execute a data processor agreement with your company if needed.

Will I have to expose my code?

Our runners are fully encrypted with a securely stored private key.

Cloud-Runner can't have access to the code or the environment variable you use in your CI pipelines.

How easily can I start using cloud-runner?

It's pretty simple and effortless. All you have to do is to subscribe to a plan or make a free trial.
Once you submit these informations your gitlab runner will be up and running.


“Switching our self-hosted gitlab-ci runner to Cloud-runner was a life changer.
We've reduced our pipeline duration by more than 50%. Hours per day!
Our software engineers stopped grumble about the CI build and test time and our feedback loop is now shorter than ever without changes from our side! ”

François-Guillaume Ribreau -

“ Cloud-runner is an awesome tool. It has helped us to speed up our
CI/CD pipelines and now we are able to release more often.
I am looking forward to seeing their new features! ”

Arthur T. - Lead Developer at Amazon

“ I am a huge fan of cloud-runner. It is really easy to setup and configure and it's significantly cheaper than using gitlab runners. Our team has decreased our costs by over 30% since switching over to cloud-runner. ”

Bernard Plasson - Senior devops at Capgemini

No more minutes based billing.

Minutes based billing is a scam: more time your jobs take, the more the runner provider will earn. The provider has not incentive to improve his service.
By choosing Cloud-Runner, you choose a fixed monthly billing. We are engaged to speed up your runners.

NodeJS optimized
More than 2 years of hardware and software R&D able us to drastically reduce your gitlab CI time.
Our runners are optimized to run NodeJS...
Libraries are locally cached on SSD
Hard drive SSD
High bandwidth (> 10Gbps)
Low latency network
Multithreading CPU (up to 80 cores)
Manage your runners
Customize effortlessly your runners settings to match your CI/CD pipeline.

Integrate cloud-runner in your gitlab projects in one click!
Raw performance
We don't use VM or any cloud providers. We only use high performance baremetal servers.

This allow us to be 60% more efficient than our competitors. Each one of our server has more than 256Gb DDR4 RAM and 60 cpu threads.
Create, delete and manage easily your runners using our modern web interface.
Network caching
We use GAFAM grade network caching software to quickly download the dependencies you need.
Improved security
Say hello to our ISO 27001, GDPR compliant and fully encrypted runners.
Get running fast
Just push your code and see the result of your job. Stop waiting hours.
Create as many runners as you want. We handle the auto scaling.