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Minutes based billing is a scam: the more time your jobs take, the more the runner provider will earn. The provider has no incentive to improve his service.
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NodeJS optimized
More than 2 years of hardware and software R&D able us to drastically reduce your gitlab CI time.
Our runners are optimized to run NodeJS...
Libraries are locally cached on SSD
Hard drive SSD
High bandwidth (> 10Gbps)
Low latency network
Multithreading CPU (up to 80 cores)
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Customize effortlessly your runners settings to match your CI/CD pipeline.

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Raw performance
We don't use VM or any cloud providers. We only use high performance baremetal servers.

This allow us to be 60% more efficient than our competitors. Each one of our server has more than 256Gb DDR4 RAM and 60 cpu threads.
Create, delete and manage easily your runners using our modern web interface.
Network caching
We use GAFAM grade network caching software to quickly download the dependencies you need.
Improved security
Say hello to our ISO 27001, GDPR compliant and fully encrypted runners.
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“Switching our self-hosted gitlab-ci runner to Cloud-runner was a life changer.
We've reduced our pipeline duration by more than 50%. Hours per day!
Our software engineers stopped grumble about the CI build and test time and our feedback loop is now shorter than ever without changes from our side! ”

François-Guillaume Ribreau -

“Since we started using Cloud-Runner at Ouest-France Funéraire, we have reduced the time of our CIs from 12 minutes to 3 minutes, which is 80% less! I can no longer do without it on all of my projects, and I can only recommend it to you. You will not be disappointed. ”

Alexandre Cailler - Fullstack Developer at Ouest-France Funéraire

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