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With us, no virtual machine, no cloud provider, no loss of performance. Each one of our gitlab runners runs on our baremetal servers. We design, install and operate baremetal servers on our own facilities, in our own datacenters.

High speed network.

Our network is interconnected with the biggest ISP and cloud providers in 100Gbps to give you quickly the data you need.

Network caching.

We used multiple layers of network caching technologies (eg. DNS and docker registry cache servers) to reduce the network latency. Our infrastructure use the most performant caching softwares like NGINX and Squid.

Say hello to multithreading.

Nowadays, more and more software applications use multithreading; this is why each own our servers run 2 x i7 CPU with 16 cores.

High I/O rate.

To help you running your CI fast we threw out the good old hard disk to replace it with last generation SSD.

CI/CD jobs that
drives growth

Your slow and clunky CI/CD job is killing your team's productivity. You need a gitlab runner that will runs your jobs consistently and predictably by using state of the art hardware technology.

Built to help your team

We have been designing and developing high-performance runners since 2020. Our expertise and attention to the details will translate into higher team engagment and efficiency.

Scalable, easy
to maintain

Our runners are use globally, from small early stage startup to big fortune 500 companies.

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